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Residential Roofing

At Bufalo Contracting, your home is our priority. Specializing in roofing along with siding, windows, gutters, decks, and storm restoration, we provide unparalleled service across Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Our commitment to honesty, reliability, and meticulous attention to detail ensures your roofing project is in expert hands. 

Why Choose Bufalo Contracting?

Reliability and Honesty: We operate with total honesty and meticulous attention to every detail. This approach ensures reliability in all our engagements, from the first call to the completion of your project.

Skilled Tradesmen: Our team consists of experienced professionals skilled in various trades, capable of handling any task required. Their expertise ensures that all work is performed with the highest standards of quality.

On-time Completion: We understand the value of your time, which is why we commit to completing projects within the agreed timeframe. Our promise is not just to meet expectations but to exceed them.

Emergency Services: Emergencies can happen at any time. We offer round-the-clock service to address urgent repair needs immediately, ensuring your home remains safe and protected.

Navigating Insurance Claims: Roof damage from storms can be overwhelming. Our trained representatives assist you in managing insurance claims, making the process straightforward. We ensure you receive the full benefits your policy entitles, reducing stress and confusion.

Protect Your Home

Severe weather poses a significant risk to your home, often causing damage that is not immediately visible. Ignoring such damage can lead to severe consequences, including water intrusion, mold growth, and structural weakening of your roof. That’s why we encourage homeowners to take advantage of our free inspection service. Our experts are trained to identify any signs of damage and provide the necessary solutions to maintain the integrity of your roof and home.

For a free roofing inspection or to discuss your next home improvement project, contact Bufalo Contracting. Let us show you why “Excellence is Our Edge” is more than just a motto—it’s the foundation of everything we do.

The most common causes of damage to home exteriors are severe weather related. Severe weather can strike at any time, and often the damage caused to your roof cannot be seen from ground level. For this reason many homeowners assume that their home was not damaged. Damaged shingles can result in water ingress. Serious water damage may lead to mold formation and wood rot, which can compromise the structural integrity of your roof. So call Bufalo Contracting at (779) 368-0256 for a free inspection

Outstanding Limited Warranty Support

Owens Corning® brand roofing offers one of the best warranties in the industry. 

They’ve also made managing their warranty simple and straightforward. 

Thank you for trusting Bufalo Contracting and Owens Corning® to help protect your home.

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